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Poet, photographer and nature lover Alice Ashley guided Lunaryelle to light in the autumn of 2020. With a passion for Bohemian lifestyle & clothing Alice drew on her creative talents to shape her business which started life inside The Potting Shed. Lunaryelle was wonderfully received by customers and social media fans alike and now with the launch of the online shop this stunning range is much more accessible for all. If you’re curious about the name Lunaryelle, it grew from Alice’s love of words inspired by Luna (the moon), Lunaria (flowering plant, common name Honesty) and Elle (French for she).  Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you enjoyed your stay and indeed if you’ve made a purchase we hope you enjoy wearing it wild and free.

Disclaimer: Please note Lunaryelle clothing is eco friendly and handmade from recycled fabric, therefore there may be a slight imperfection in some of the items, but not all.